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You wouldn’t drive without a spare tire so why paddle without without a repair kit? NSR™ resins can be used for repairing gelcoat , polyethylene, polypropylene and fiberglass equipment with significant advantages over traditional repair products.

NSR™ resins will cure at cold temperatures as well as it does at high temperatures. When it gets cooler than 50°F, the cure time for traditional repair materials can g y reatl increase. With NSR™ resins you can still cure the resin in 30 seconds if it is 28°F or 110°F. NSR™ resins do not have a noxious odor typically associated with other resin products. NSR™ resins require no mixing since they are single component, light activated material.  And since our materials were specifically designed for use under water in the open ocean there is no need to worry about  salt, water, etc…when repairing on the move.

The repair kit includes everything you need:

  • 5mL syringe of resin
  • Surface prep pads
  • Applicator tab
  • Fiberglass mesh
  • Curing light, depth rated to 1,000 ft

MSRP: $55

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