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I was playing in a rock garden off Toleak Point this summer, in my Nordkapp, when I got surfed backward, hard, into a big rock. My boat hung up in the rock for a while and was clobbered a few more times … and when I finally washed out of the slot my paddling partners gathered round with very worried looks on their faces.  “Ummm,” they said, in the way doctors do when they’re about to tell you they’ve found a malignant lump, “there are LOTS of holes in your boat. It took a couple rolls of duct tape to temporarily patch up my kayak enough for me to limp back to La Push, but I don’t think any of us really believed the boat would ever return to sea. But then Rhonda worked her magic. Do you know how hard it is to match faded Nordkapp yellow? Rhonda did that, patched at least six big holes, put on a new keel strip, added an underdeck pump holder, and generally made my boat beautiful again. All for a very reasonable price. Thanks Rhonda, I’m so happy to have my boat back in one piece.



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