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Just this last year, I was encouraged by kayaker friends in the Mountaineers to try surf kayaking, so I purchased an IC surf boat, a Mega Rio Jester, off of Craig’s List.  The boat was in pretty good condition, but needed gel coat and Sea tape line repairs on the stern and the cockpit combing reattached. My friends recommended Rhonda at Kayakers Go Coastal as an expert kayaker who knows how to repair kayaks.  I called Rhonda and arranged to bring the boat to her shop, and when I came back a couple days later the stern looked great and the cockpit combing was solid. That weekend I brought the Rio Jester to Hobuck beach to play in the waves for the first time.  I had a great time, but sometime during the day, the cockpit combing had come loose.  I called Rhonda when I got home and she was emphatic about making it right at no extra cost. I brought the boat back and Rhonda added more material to the cockpit combing and a couple of weeks later I brought the boat to Crescent Beach and over the course of the weekend with many wipeouts and rolls, the cockpit combing held firm.  It’s great knowing that with Kayakers Go Coastal, Puget Sound kayakers have an expert resource for kayak repairs and enhancements.



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