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The Mariner Express is renowned for its graceful efficient hull, but not so much for its on deck rigging. And the XL, without front or rear bulkheads can take on a bit of water, even with float bags and gear. While on an outing with the Seattle Kayak Club, I saw a sister ship, the Elan, with proper rigging and inquired where/how the work was done. “Rhonda is your man.” was the enthusiastic reply by several in the group. I contacted Rhonda about the adjustments I was considering. More important than letting me know what she could do, Rhonda advised me about my proposed changes that would compromise the boat’s safety or performance. That’s what I go to an expert for – experience and advice on the best way to accomplish my goals! The work quality is superb. The off white Express, now has black accents with a keel strip and black deck rigging. The Red/Yellow XL also looks “dressed up” with its black keel strip and now sports a Freedom 500 water pump. If conditions knock me over in that, I want to focus getting back in and underway, not pumping a boatful of water. I now have lines I can hang on to when out of the boat, a place to attach a compass, and a location for a paddle caddy. Let the adventures begin!



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